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Short story about ObstetriWise

Kamilla Gerhard Nielsen

ObstetriWise was created in 2020 to help spread obstetric knowledge. Aiming to minimize intervention in childbirth.

The seminars are for health professionals. The following subjects are offered. Practical birthplanning with women in fear of childbirth and implementation of reducing interventions in delivery suites. Ultrasound, rebozo, and manual rotation during labour. Emergency obstetrics at homebirth or clinic. Teaching the upright breech concept to give birth attendants new skills in vaginal breech birth.



Frequently Asked Questions

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The webinars are primarily for health care professionals assisting childbirth. Basic obstetric knowledge is expected before participating.
One day seminar 100 Euro, 2 day seminar 200 Euro. Participants from low-income countries they can apply for a coupon for reduction.
When purchasing a webinar you will within a few a days receive a confirmation-mail for the zoom webinar. You will receive the access code within 2 weeks before the webinar. For hands-on training: Please make certain your computer audio and video works with zoom before the webinar.

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Kamilla Gerhard Nielsen is a Danish Obstetrician who, in cooperation with midwives and obstetricians from all over the world, have developed expertise in the Upright Breech Birth. Kamilla teaches vaginal breech birth and obstetric maneuvers to minimize interventions in childbirth.