Aiming to restore natural birth through obstetric knowledge.

The upright breech concept is a way of understanding the physiology of vaginal breech birth. The physiological way is connected into a method by several pioneers and a practical flowchart by Midwife Dr. Shawn Walker. It evolves around using gravity by upright position at birth, movement to enhance rotation of the baby through the pelvis and a 5 minute time limit from buttocks til head is born to ensure only a short period of fetal distress.

One day webinars (4 hours) are offered for health care professionals wanting to know more about the upright breech birth. Two days webinars (2 x 4 hours) are offered for health care professionals who wanting to be skilled and proficient in upright breech birth. One the second day of the webinar there will be guided hands on training. Hence it is advisable to be one or two colleagues together and have a birthing simulator or doll and pelvis for skills training in upright breech.

Practicing upright breech in Greenland.

One day seminars (8 hours) with theory and hands on training can be requested by groups or departments on

The following videos are created for health care professionals, who are familiar with the method, to view again before assisting a vaginal breech birth.