Sharing obstetric knowledge with the desire to promote natural childbirth.

As health professionals we seek to help women with fear of childbirth. There can be many different reasons for women not to want giving birth vaginally. With thorough birthplanning and education of staff some of this can be solved. Knowing how to work with previous traumatic birth and fear of childbirth is central for doctors and midwives. Keeping the empathy for the couple with anxiety and their previous experience while working through previous childbirth and current issues in a practical way is essential.

The department in Aabenraa, Denmark has succeeded in reducing the cesarean section rate from 19% to 13 %. This through counselling of women and organisational changes in the department. One day seminars/half day webinars can be requested by departments/groups at info@obstetriwise.com Private counselling sessions- online- can be booked with Kamilla Gerhard Nielsen at info@obstetriwise.com